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Dan William Nobbe

Dan William Nobbe LinkedIn

DAN NOBBE, MSEE, director of IP Development at pSemi, has 30 years of experience in the wireless industry, including RF integrated circuits and RF systems. He has served as vice president of corporate research and patent development at Peregrine Semiconductor, vice president of engineering, vice president of RF Integration, and held other senior engineering positions at Motorola and Glenayre. He serves in advisory positions for several organizations, including the Skeyeon Expert Advisory Board, an earth-imaging satellite startup where he is responsible for its RF links, regulatory approval, and patent activity; as well as the Microfacturing Institutes leadership team, where he focuses on mission development and strategy, creates course content on wireless communications, and teaches. He has previously served on the Technical Program Committee for IEEE’s RFIC Symposium. Nobbe holds 45 patents with more pending and has published and presented more than a dozen technical papers.