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Michael P Dierickx

Michael P Dierickx LinkedIn

"All engineering is about making informed trade-offs, and all trade-offs in physical design start with an understanding of the physics of silicon."

Mike Dierickx, Silicon Engineer at Waymo

MIKE DIERICKX, MS, BS, who oversees physical design and sign-off for autonomous vehicle silicon at Waymo, has contributed designs to dozens of chips at Silicon Valley companies such as Intel, Sun Microsystems/Oracle, Google, and Waymo. He studied circuit design and device physics at Stanford University and started his career designing custom SRAM and custom ROMs for microprocessors. He moved into full-chip physical design and later full-chip sign-off leadership, setting the quality standards for the physical implementation on Google's Tensor SoC. His background in physics informs his love of first principles in explaining complex physical phenomena. When he is not attempting to explain these phenomena to his young daughters, he is pursuing other passions such as cycling, electronics restoration, and cooking.

Michael P Dierickx's courses currently open for enrollment

Timing Closure in IC Design

Start Date End Date Units Meeting Type Cost
04-08-2022 06-10-2022 3.0 SANTA CLARA / REMOTE $980.00 Enroll