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Ronald Tjeerdema

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RONALD TJEERDEMA, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., is an executive associate dean in UC Davis’ College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and a professor in the Department of Environmental Toxicology. He has more than 30 years of field experience in environmental toxicology relating to marine and freshwater systems, has pioneered the new field of environmental metabolomics via the use of nuclear magnetic resonance, and conducted groundbreaking research on oil spills and dispersants. He completed a bachelor’s degree in both natural resource planning and interpretation, and wildlife management from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in pharmacology from UC Santa Barbara. He earned a doctorate from UC Davis in pharmacology and toxicology with an emphasis in environmental toxicology. He is certified in general toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology and holds the Donald G. Crosby Endowed Chair in Environmental Chemistry. Tjeerdema is active on the editorial boards of leading environmental trade journals. He has taught for UCSC Extension since 1990.

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