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Shekhar Deo

Shekhar Deo LinkedIn

SHEKHAR DEO, MS, is an entrepreneur and executive leader with more than 15 years’ experience in analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed systems. He has founded three startups that successfully exited, including EngageClick, an AI-driven predictive marketing company that built AI-driven platforms to provide automated personalization, paid media optimization, sales optimization, and social media optimizations. He also founded AdTriangle for Marketing Optimization and UrbanGain, a local, social, and personal digital marketing startup for localized coupon platforms. Deo has managed large enterprises and cross functional teams to build AI-driven applications related to marketing, automated personalization, chatbots, predictive sales and speech, voice bots, dynamic pricing, trade promotion optimization, and promotions. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from VIT, a master’s degree in software management from Carnegie Mellon. He also mentors in the VentureBridge program, a Carnegie Mellon incubator program, and Silicon Valley Ignite.