Instructional Design and Delivery, Introduction | INDE.X400

Careful planning is the first step in designing a strong instructional program, but a syllabus alone is not instruction until it's "delivered" to the students. The designer's first step consists of integrating expected outcomes with knowledge of adult learning theories, learning styles, and student needs. What should the students be able to do, say or think after instruction, at what level of proficiency, and under what conditions? How will the designer create opportunities for students to experience the content, practice the skills, and achieve competence? Most importantly, what will the students actually do as they engage in instructor-led sessions, self-paced sessions, or combinations of the two? Participants in this course will practice face-to-face delivery, focusing on effective presentations and group facilitation skills (i.e., getting students engaged in active discussions). Participants will also practice delivery through remote channels, such as voice and video conferencing and Web-based meetings. Finally, participants will strive to find the most effective balance between instructor activity and student activity, matching these activities to the expected outcomes.

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