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CPA exam preparation courses for your career

Closely tied to the health of the overall economy, the accounting business grows as the economy grows and more workers are needed to prepare and examine financial records.

Our 15 CPA Preparation courses provide you with most of the accounting and general business credit you need in the areas of business law, project management, and marketing to qualify for the rigorous CPA exam. You'll gain theoretical knowledge knowledge on the complex accounting issues that your clients face and learn best industry practices to grow your accounting career. If you're already an accountant, you can earn more and expand your job horizons.

Learn more about becoming a CPA

Our CPA Preparation curriculum is applicable toward the requisite educational hours to take the CPA exam. Learn more about taking the exam by reading the CPA Exam Handbook.

Cost: Varies. Based on your course choices.
Required Credits: 16 quarter units of accounting and 25 quarter units of general business courses.
Duration: Most courses take 4–12 weeks to complete.


Course Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
Accounting Courses
Intermediate Accounting I 4.0
Intermediate Accounting II 4.0
Introduction to Accounting I: Financial Accounting 4.0
Introduction to Accounting II: Managerial Accounting 4.0
Business Courses
Business Law and Its Environment 3.0
Business Statistics I 2.5
Finance for the Business Professional 1.0
Finance I, Fundamentals 3.0
Implementing Marketing and Sales Strategies 2.0
Integrated Marketing Communication 3.0
Organizational Development and Change 2.0
Power of Market Research 2.0
Principles of Marketing 2.0
Project Leadership and Communication 3.0
Role of the Project Manager 1.5

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Professional Development

Become a CPA

Consult with the American Institute of CPAs for specific CPA exam requirements. To become a Certified Public Accountant in California, you must complete: 36 quarter units of accounting, 36 quarter units of general business courses, and have a bachelor’s degree. The CPA Exam Handbook is an excellent resource for students wanting to know how to qualify for the exam.

Licensure and Certification

Our CPA Preparation curriculum is applicable toward the requisite educational hours to take the CPA exam. Certification is optional to practice in this field. Please see our Licensure and Certification Policy to learn more.

Requisite Knowledge

Please review the course descriptions to ensure that you have taken necessary prerequisites or meet the requirements through job experience or previous education.