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We offer high quality remote learning experiences through our live Zoom classroom setting.

Industry Experts

Our instructors are pioneers in their fields, inventors, patent holders, internationally sought-after speakers, and authors.

Small Groups

Small groups allow a high level of personalization and interactivity, very similar to what one would experience in our classroom.

Software on Device

We provide software on your device for courses that require a lab component.

What Students Are Saying

"Diana is a compassionate and encouraging instructor, her wealth of knowledge is only exceeded by her obvious love of the work she does and the students and families she supports. Her literacy course stands out as a wonderful learning experience."
— Lisa M. Barratt Educational Therapist
Lisa M. Barratt
"That next person you say hello to at the class in Extension may give you a lead to your next job. People in my classes all worked at some of the biggest companies in the area, from Gilead to Genentech."
— Fred Bauzon Field Application Scientist and Molecular Biologist
Fred Bauzon
"The instructor provided practical guidance, helped give me the confidence to work with a new cohort of students, and made sure that class sessions were useful. She invited allied professionals to provide insight and advice on the field of ET."
— Lisa Epstein, MSTC, JD, MSW Learning Specialist | Educational Therapist | Business Owner
Lisa Epstein, MSTC, JD, MSW
"It’s great to have a teacher with so much experience. She was able to take what's in the book and apply it to real-world examples. It helped translate the education into what I would need in my everyday work."
— Sean Zaidman Director, Communications and Marketing, Five Branches
Sean Zaidman
"I made a lot of good connections while I was here."
— Aakash Dave Entrepreneur, Founding CEO of Spotmi
Aakash Dave
"I just want to thank you for the amazing class on the GCP research process. I enjoyed the many real life examples you provided throughout the course. I found this to be very helpful. Dr. Wallis is an excellent speaker and communicator."
— Dita Papraniku Clinical Dietician
Dita Papraniku
"The instructor presented a wide degree of material with great teaching methods. He was available to students beyond the class hours. In-class practice, homework, & the final enabled us to apply accumulated knowledge in C++ throughout the course"
— Tom T. Hua Embedded Systems Engineer
Course: C++ Programming
"This is a great course for people who are interested in knowing algorithms and the types of algorithms supported by data structures. That basically changes the way one could approach a problem and solve it effectively."
— SasiKumar Arumugan Lead Software Engineer
SasiKumar Arumugan
"Diana's knowledge is incredible, and her willingness to share it all is an integral part of her contribution to the field of Educational Therapy. One couldn't ask for better guidance or teaching."
— Sharon Barkan, MA, ET/P Educational Therapist
Sharon Barkan, MA, ET/P
"She’s really inspired me to do a lot of things I was not doing with the kids. It helps you think differently about your role. It helped me a lot with teaching art and creativity. If they want to color a heart blue, we let them do it."
— Vandana Gupta Child Care Teacher
Vandana Gupta
"It’s a very supportive program. The engagement within our class was great. We learned from the professors as well as our classmates."
— Renuka Adnane, MSOD PHR SHRM-CP Human Resources Business Partner
Renuka Adnane, MSOD PHR SHRM-CP
"The response from my fellow students was so enthusiastic that I had to think more in depth. It evolved. Every course demands that you think in a certain way. Every course took me a step further."
— Bouwien Luppes Art Entrepreneur and Marketer
Bouwien Luppes
"The class involved whiteboard sessions and collaboration projects which really prepared me well to start working in the industry and tackle UX design interviews."
— Agnieszka Zimolag Product Design, Cloud at IonQ
Agnieszka Zimolag
"Curriculum is an important class. It was done in a super fun way. The instructor had little mini projects—finger puppets, stories and cooking recipes. I still have all my work. I made it part of my professional portfolio."
— Nell Redaniel Lead Teacher
Nell Redaniel
"Diana is a fabulous instructor and is always willing to share her insights and make sure course content is adapted to everyone's needs. She is approachable and willing to help you have a thorough understanding of the content without judgment."
— Jasleen Kaur Monga Learning Specialist | Educational Therapist
Jasleen Kaur Monga
"You have been a helpful guide throughout this course. I really whole heartedly appreciate the time you invested in helping and guiding me. I hope I have learned well and I will continue to grow."
— Kumari Khushboo, MD Cancer Clinical Research Coordinator
"The UCSC Educational Therapy program expanded my knowledge base and gave me the experience necessary to transition from classroom teacher to educational therapist. It has made an enormous impact on my life."
— Diana Kennedy, B.C.E.T, Educational Therapist Board-Certified Educational Therapist | Instructor
Diana Kennedy, B.C.E.T,
"Jagadeesh really prepares for the sessions and the assignments, not letting students to lose focus during classes, engaging all. He has got a lot of examples to share and makes people think to apply what we learn in the class."
— SasiKumar Arumugan Lead Software Engineer
SasiKumar Arumugan
"I would argue that your certificate program is no less but better than most degreed programs."
— Kristina Liu, PhD. ACRP-CP/CPM Clinical Research Coordinator, Byers Eye Institute, Stanford University
Kristina Liu, PhD.  ACRP-CP/CPM
"It was pretty deep and the assignments were demanding so I had to work hard to get the point."
— Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA Director of Digital & Analytics | Data Analytics Professor
Renato Roschel Ribeiro, MBA
"I have been using C++ for years, but still learned valuable new things from C++ Programming. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning C++. Instructor Mittal had a great personality and a sense of humor."
— Tom T. Hua Embedded Systems Engineer
Instructor: Ajay K Mittal
"From assignments, class exercises, and group discussions to the project work and quizzes—it all helped me build strong foundations and solidify concepts."
— Neville Mistry Program Manager
Neville Mistry
"The capstone project course was my favorite course for sure. I got to exercise my skill of coding but still do design. Everything we learned we got to put into it."
— Jumar Balacy UX Designer
Jumar Balacy