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UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Professional Education, also known as UCSC Extension, is the leading accredited provider of professional certificates in the Silicon Valley region. Our industry experts provide practical skills in high-demand fields and networking opportunities to professionals at every stage of their careers.

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Our Logos

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UCSC Logo space

  • To ensure legibility and recognizability, our logo must have a minimum space around it.
  • In most cases, the logo should be of equal prominence to any other brands with which it is shown.
  • Allow for adequate space around the logo when used in conjunction with other identifiers.
  • Do not place other identifiers closer than the equivalent of the width of 1/2 the logo
  • Minimum size for print: 1.5 inches wide
  • Minimum size for online usage: 60 pixels tall



UCSC Brand Primary Color hex #003c6c

Primary Blue

Coated—PMS:  541C | CMYK: 100C 57M 0Y 38K

UnCoated—PMS: 2945U | CMYK: 100C 45M 0Y 14K | RGB: R0 G60 B108 | HEX: #003c6c

UCSC Brand Primary Color: hex#fdc700

Primary Yellow

Coated—PMS:  116 | CMYK: 0C 16M 100Y 0K

UnCoated—PMS: 109U | CMYK: 0C 10M 100Y 0K | RGB: R253 G199 B0 | HEX: #fdc700

UCSC Brand Secondary Color: Blue hex #006aad

Secondary Blue #1

Coated—PMS:  300C | CMYK: 91C 57M 5Y 0K

UnCoated—PMS: 3005U | CMYK: 86C 47M 0Y 0K RGB: R0 G106 B173 | HEX: #006aad

UCSC Brand Secondary Color: hex #13a5dc

Secondary Blue #2

Coated PMS:  299C | CMYK: 69C 10M 0Y 0K

UnCoated PMS: 2995U | CMYK: 90C 11M 0Y 0K RGB: R19 G165 B220 | HEX: #13a5dc

UCSC Brand Secondary Color: hex #007988

Secondary Teal

Coated PMS:  3145C | CMYK: 100C 10M 29Y 20K

UnCoated PMS: 3145U | CMYK: 100C 10M 29Y 20K RGB: R0 G121 B136 | HEX: #007988

Our Editorial Style Guide

Primarily we follow the Associated Press style and we refer you to the UC Santa Cruz Editorial Style page for further detail.



Spelling & Phrasing

  • UCSC Silicon Valley Professional Education on the first mention.
  • University of California, Santa Cruz - Silicon Valley Professional Education is preferable for international reference.
  • UCSC Silicon Valley Extension
  • UCSC Silicon Valley Campus is a broader term referring to the facility itself and includes several UC Santa Cruz engineering master’s programs that are not part of Extension.
  • the professional education arm of UC Santa Cruz

Note: The letters of the acronym “UCSC” are easily transposed and confused with other institutions. Also “University of California, Santa Cruz,” is sometimes erroneously truncated incorrectly to “University of Santa Cruz.” Please use “UC Santa Cruz in this instance.”




Roboto Family (Free Digital Font)*

  • Roboto Condensed Light: Main Web Font
  • Roboto Condensed Bold: Course Titles due to length
  • Roboto Black: Bold Statements | limited usage



As a division of the University of California, Santa Cruz, UCSC Silicon Valley Extension is certified by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).