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"Just knowing how to code isn’t enough anymore; You need to problem solve, to work with designers, to know how to communicate with prospective employers. It’s not about diving into design but about how can you bring the higher value to your job search."

Alp Tiritoglu, M.A., M.F.A., Principal, Start Up Toys & UILAB LLC

ALP TIRITOGLU, B.S. Computer Science and M.F.A. in Design Theory, a principal at UILAB LLC, has over 30 years of experience in user experience and user interface design.

Associated Program(s)
Software Engineering and Quality User Experience and Web Design

Alp Tiritoglu's courses currently open for enrollment

Capstone User Experience Project

Start Date End Date Quarter Units Location Cost
01-16-2024 04-16-2024 2.0 REMOTE $720.00 Enroll

User Experience Design, Advanced

Start Date End Date Quarter Units Location Cost
01-08-2024 03-25-2024 3.0 SANTA CLARA $950.00 Enroll