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BILL KURANI, M.S.R.A., M.S.E.E., is head and director of regulatory affairs and quality assurance at a Silicon Valley-based global genomics company. He has over 20 years of experience in regulatory affairs and quality assurance and has implemented successful product design, development, verification, validation and manufacturing process programs for medical device companies. Kurani has held leadership positions at several leading organizations—Natera, Affymetrix, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Kaiser Permanente, and Abbot Diagnostics—and secured regulatory and marketing approvals for medical devices and drugs from the FDA, the EU, and other global regulatory agencies.

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Medical Device Quality and Design Regulatory Affairs

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European Medical Device Regulation: Clinical Evaluation and Post-Market Surveillance

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04-11-2024 06-20-2024 3.0 REMOTE $875.00 Enroll