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Jesse Anne Gillispie

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JESSE GILLISPIE, Ph.D., is a seventh grade teacher at Peninsula School. She has taught since 2002 in a variety of contexts, including early childhood classrooms, a dual immersion elementary school, and undergraduate, graduate, and international students of all ages. She has been teaching at UCSC Extension since 2012. Gillispie has a doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Applied Linguistics and Language in Social Interaction. She has written about and conducted research on the relationship between language, identity, and learning and has presented her work at numerous conferences including ethnography forums, the American Anthropological Association, the American Educational Research Association, and the American Association of Applied Linguistics. Her publications and conference presentations span topics covering identity development and second language learning, teaching and learning in everyday classroom interaction, and the role of classroom management in student success and identity development. A native of Northern California, she lived in Germany and France before settling in the Bay Area.