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Marilson B Campos LinkedIn

MARILSON CAMPOS, B.S., lead data engineer in machine learning for Glassdoor, has been designing extensive data systems since 2007. He specializes in creating architectures to build machine learning models massively. He has held leadership positions at various startups, including Rocket Fuel, Zoosk, BuzzLogic, and Glassdoor. Co-author of Leading and Managing in Silicon Valley, he has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Rio de Janeiro State University. He graduated from the Harvard Business School’s Program for Leadership Development, an executive education program; and has earned two graduate certificates: Data Mining from Stanford University and Artificial Intelligence from MIT.

Marilson B Campos's courses currently open for enrollment

Python for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Essentials

Start Date End Date Units Meeting Type Cost
09-22-2021 11-24-2021 3.0 REMOTE $1020.00 Enroll