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Oswald A Campesato

Oswald A Campesato LinkedIn

"Problems that were maybe once considered practically impossible—now, they’re finding solutions. The cumulative effect of this innovation will continue to change society."

Oswald Campesato, Co-Founding CEO of iQuarkt and Author

OSWALD CAMPESATO, MBA, MA, MIS, BSCS, BA, is the co-founding CEO of iQuarkt and author of more than 35 technical books. He is a software engineer with more than 20 years’ experience as a software developer and has worked in numerous management roles. Previous experience includes jobs at Oracle, AAA, and Just Systems of Japan, along with various startups. He is a former PhD candidate in Mathematics (ABD) and currently working on a master's degree in Machine Learning. A frequent public speaker on the topic of deep learning and related issues, Campesato recently completed books about TensorFlow 2/Keras and Angular/machine learning and he's currently working on an NLP/machine learning book. He has designed unique curriculum for new natural language processing and deep reinforcement learning courses and also teaches machine learning and deep learning courses.

Associated Program(s)
AI Application Development Artificial Intelligence Computer Programming Data Science and Data Analytics Embedded Systems

Oswald A Campesato's courses currently open for enrollment

Introduction to Machine Learning

Start Date End Date Units Location Cost
06-28-2022 08-30-2022 3.0 REMOTE $960.00 Enroll
Start Date End Date Units Location Cost
09-10-2022 11-12-2022 3.0 REMOTE $960.00 Enroll

Natural Language Processing

Start Date End Date Units Location Cost
07-07-2022 09-08-2022 None REMOTE $980.00 Enroll