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PATRICK REARDON, B.S., an accomplished technical learning architect at NetApp, has extensive experience in delivering cloud data services and hyperscaler integration courses to professional services, architect, and technical support teams.  His experience translates across the major public cloud platforms—AWS, Google, and Azure—with an emphasis on integrating data storage with virtualized data centers. He has worked in technical education positions focusing on the latest virtualization technologies at NetApp, SGI, SUN Microsystems, HP, and various Silicon Valley startups. He specialized in virtualization as a VMware instructor for 10 years which evolved into cloud computing, DevOps, Kubernetes, and data center virtualization. He holds technical certifications from VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and NetApp in the areas of virtualization and solutions architectures. He has taught NetApp data storage management and VMware virtualization courses at NetApp since 2007.

Associated Program(s)
Linux Programming and Administration