AI, Empathy, and Ethics | AISV.806

AI, Empathy, and Ethics | AISV.806

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More about this course:

This nontechnical course provides an overview of artificial intelligence advancements and the ethical challenges we now face as we navigate the development, implementation, and ubiquitous global use of AI.

When we demystify AI technology, we encounter intrinsic ethical challenges such as privacy, bias, diversity, equity, explainability, and robustness—all foundational aspects of effective business stewardship.

In this course, we confront the ethical considerations of enterprise AI adoption while providing a deep understanding of how to leverage AI in ways that benefit both corporate and society at large.

We begin the course with an introduction to AI, including an overview of machine learning, deep learning, neuro-linguistic programming, and autonomous systems. Then, we explore the broader impact of AI technology on enterprise and society and discuss ethical values and frameworks in industry case studies, the future of work, and the training, reskilling, and retention of needed talent.

Key topics

  • AI hype v. reality
  • Business and managerial implications of AI
  • Successful integration of AI into your organization
  • Key principles of building responsible and explainable AI
  • Various aspects of ethics and how to apply ethical parameters to AI
  • Ethical frameworks supporting collaboration between people and AI machines
  • Ongoing industry initiatives on AI ethics

By the end of this course, you will be able to create a business roadmap and ethical framework for the implementation of AI in your specific domain areas and present a 20-minute pitch on incorporating and building ethical AI frameworks in existing or new projects.

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