Creating the Successful Team | PPMT.X403

Creating the Successful Team | PPMT.X403

In this course for technical and non-technical professionals, students learn to establish high-performance teams by exploring the fundamental principles and characteristics that make them effective. By examining what makes individuals standout, you will better understand how to develop and leverage their contributions to a successful project team. The course focuses on key team development skills—trust building, goal setting, role agreement, and how to sustain commitment for the duration of a successful collaborative project.

The course also covers how to design and manage virtual teams. Through participating in a virtual team, you will learn to identify and respond to typical challenges, including group meetings and team decision-making. Concepts learned in the course are applicable to building highly effective strategic and tactical teams at all levels of an organization.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Hire right talent and assign them to right role
  • Effectively manage a geographically dispersed team
  • Set right expectations and coach on team behavior
  • Effectively deal with conflicts in a team
  • Build trust between team members
  • Handle tough conversations

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