First and Second Language Development | TESL.X303

First and Second Language Development | TESL.X303

The fields of linguistics and psychology have rendered theoretical models of first and second language learning and acquisition. Participants in this seminar examine how these theories apply to TESL/TEFL and bilingual education. Participants also examine the critical factors affecting language development by analyzing current research based theories, processes, and stages of language acquisition, including the difference between first and second language acquisitions.

The course work provides students with a broad and deep understanding of these theories, models, and processes of second language acquisition, and requires candidates to draw upon their own language learning and teaching experiences for examples that relate theory to practice.

The coursework provides students with materials, methods and assignments so that they can demonstrate an understanding of cognitive, linguistic, affective, and sociocultural factors that affect second language development. The course requires that students analyze how this knowledge can be directly applied to the instruction of English Learners in order to build upon students' prior knowledge and promote their language development and academic achievement.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to
  • Understand principles of modern learning theories.
  • Understand principles of modern language teaching approaches, methods and techniques.
  • Understand factors affecting learning and classroom interaction such as linguistics, socio-linguistic, psychological, cultural, and educational.
  • Understand implications and applications of historical and current learning theories in language learning and teaching.
  • Understand models for using multiple sources of information to assess student learning.
  • Use general learning theories to inform classroom process and practice.
  • Identify strategies to handle individual and group learning styles.
  • Individualize teaching through strategies that take into account differences between learners (linguistic, psychological, cultural and educational).

Topics Include

  • Myths of second language acquisition
  • Overview of the field of first language acquisition (FLA)
  • Comparing and Contrasting FLA and SLA
  • Sociocultural Factors
  • Theoretical Perspectives

Additional Information

This course consists of short lectures, preparatory readings, class discussions, individual and group presentations and project work.
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