High Efficiency Switch-mode Power Supply, Design Overview | EMBD.X405

High Efficiency Switch-mode Power Supply, Design Overview | EMBD.X405

The power supply is a critical component in any system and has a major impact on overall reliability. System designers need to understand the designs and requirements of their power supplies to meet the evolving needs of the system, and to satisfy regulatory requirements for energy efficiency and standby power. This course covers both analog and digital switch-mode power supplies.

This course starts by introducing the fundamental concepts of a real switch-mode power supply and its functions, operations and interactions. Discussions will cover the various topologies as they relate to power supply operation, design, component selection, and rating for a particular application. The course focuses on the most popular topology: the Flyback converter. The case study includes the clamp, snubber networks, transformer, and EMI filter. You will learn the design considerations for EMI, thermal management, and product safety with detailed discussions of PCB design. Lastly, the course discusses the challenges of power supply development in the face of evolving system requirements and regulations. You'll learn how to meet requirements of high efficiency, high power density, digital control and reporting, and stringent ultra-low no-load standby power. The course has expanded practical discussions of digital implementations of a real switch-mode power supply with added features, enhanced performance, and programmability.

You'll gain practical power supply design knowledge and skills relevant to your hardware engineering environment and be able to satisfy actual market and regulatory requirements with practical component implementations. The course features live demonstrations and waveform observations of power supply behaviors using state-of-the-art solutions.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Understand the design and practical implementation of a high efficiency switch-mode power supply
  • Describe the evaluation approach and process in validating power supply designs

Topics Include

  • Fundamentals of power supply
  • Types of power converters and their operation
  • Power factor corrections
  • Understanding system power architecture
  • Modern design techniques for high density and high efficiency switch mode power supplies
  • Reducing ultra-low/no-load standby power and improving low load efficiency
  • Using digital technology to enable programmability and reporting/communications with the system
  • Using digital technology to enable full digital control
  • Environmental and safety standards applicable to power supplies
  • Practical design of a switch mode power supply with hands on testing

Skills Needed:

Knowledge of electronics and basic understanding of an electrical system design with power supply.

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