People Analytics - Delivering Measurable Business Impact | HRMT.X418

People Analytics - Delivering Measurable Business Impact | HRMT.X418

In People Analytics, students learn the power of using data to drive measurable business outcomes and design data-driven people strategies to catalyze change and transformation in the workforce. You will see how to find and use data, win support for your new people analytics program, diagnose missteps, predict success, and prescribe change based on data rather than intuition. With data as our foundation, we will discuss the four stages of analytics and common pitfalls of people analytics programs. Learn to motivate and inspire leaders to integrate data and analytics with their personal expertise, thus enabling a more effective use of an organization’s most precious resources: people’s time and energy.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you should be able to

  • Describe the key elements that make up a People Analytics program and be comfortable with basic statistics and analysis that are used in the field today.
  • Discuss how an organization might initiate a People Analytics program using existing internal and external data to measure business impact of human resources activities.
  • Explain how data can be used to measure business outcomes in a way that others in human resources and in the organization can understand and also action for improved business outcomes.
  • Identify what data is actionable, how that data can be used to understand the underlying impact of business activity, how to use data to predict and prescribe business outcomes in the field of human resources.

Skills Needed

Basic mathematics concepts and functions, including square roots and be familiar with the concepts of ratios and proportions. Should possess a grasp of elementary algebra. Also should be able to translate a verbal phrase or sentence into an expression or equation. Be familiar with basic statistical concepts or randomness, likelihood, and correlation.

Professional Credit

SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® 16.5 PDCs.

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