Grades Frequently Asked Question

Can I receive an Incomplete grade?

Under certain circumstances, an “Incomplete” (“I”) may be authorized for students who are unable to complete a course within the prescribed time.

To request an incomplete grade

Please make a request to the program department at

Your request for an incomplete status requires:

  • Completion of at least 70 percent of the coursework.
  • All student work must be of passing quality in order.
  • Written approval by the department.
  • Here is the appropriate form
  • If you qualify, you must submit a Petition for Incomplete Grade form authorizing you to pursue an agreement with the instructor.
  • You must agree upon assignments to be completed and a due date within 30 days of the final course date.

Changing "I" grade to a letter grade

An “I” grade may be changed to an appropriate grade notation by the instructor upon completion of all necessary work. If the “I” grade is not cleared within a maximum of three months following the course end date, it will convert automatically to an “F.” 

Please read the full incomplete policy for details.