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When you establish candidacy in one of our accredited professional development certificate programs, you are choosing an accredited University of California-approved curriculum.

Where the next generation of innovation is born

What makes us particularly unique, however, is the experience of Silicon Valley and the practical, hands-on training from professionals in the field. We like to say that it’s here, in Silicon Valley, where the next generation of innovation is born. Learn from industry experts who bring their day job into the classroom for night and weekend courses. You’ll get to put your practical knowledge to work right away.

Most programs can be completed in nine months.

We offer short programs including specializations offering 6-9 units as well as longer 14–16-unit programs that can be completed in nine months. Although some programs may have fewer units, please check on scheduling and availability if you do not plan to stay a year.

Also, note that some programs require knowledge and experience in the field to begin and are not aimed at the novice. See our Program Details page for more information or visit our individual certificate program pages.


The Typical International Student’s Journey

International Student Journey: program entry, quarter 1, 2, & 3 each with 12 units, OPT-paid or unpaid


See more information on our Certificates & Costs page.


We define full-time as 12 units per quarter, which is the mandated requirement for all students with F-1 status. If you are on an F-1 visa, you must enroll in 12 units each quarter to maintain your legal status. You may enroll in less than 12 units in your final quarter if you are on track to complete the requirements your certificate program(s).


The average tuition cost of our programs is $16,000. See our Certificates & Costs Section for more information.


Most of our international students are able to complete at least one certificate in nine to 12 months of full-time study. Some students can complete two certificates in that time frame.


  • Many of the Engineering and Technology certificates are 14-unit programs.
  • Mobile App Development Specialization (9 units)
  • Social Media Marketing Specialization (6 units)

Some of our programs can be completed in a very short time—as little as four months. Note, however, that shorter programs do not qualify you to apply for OPT.


International Student Orientation Student and Community Development ($375)

Experience an inclusive international student community and build the soft skills you need to succeed in our diverse geographic region. Note, this course may be waived for students with previous experience studying in the U.S.


You are always welcome to enroll in courses that are outside your declared certificate program.


You can also enroll in a three-unit internship that counts toward your 12-unit requirement. Learn more about internships.


After completing your certificate program, you’re eligible to apply to the U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services for one year of work authorization. Nearly all of our international students who complete a professional certificate program go on to qualify for paid work experiences through the federally managed Optional Practical Training (OPT) program.


You must have a college degree. This could be an associate’s, bachelor's, master's, doctorate, or another equivalent higher degree.

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