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AI Application Development

Coding for the paradigm shift

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Specialization Description

Building applications for our AI future

AI-powered intelligent applications are fast becoming the norm. A fast-moving short specialization, taught by experts in the field.

  • Develop your Python skills for machine learning, learning its extensive code libraries;
  • Master introductory deep learning prediction models; and
  • Launch your own industry standard applications for the enterprise.

A bright job outlook for AI software developers

The global AI software market is expected to reach close to $126 billion by 2025. The market for enterprise applications for AI has grown 270 percent in four years, fueling a level of demand that outstrips the current supply of qualified job candidates, according to a 2019 report from Gartner.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 21 percent growth in software developer jobs by 2028—much faster than average industry growth. People with skills in AI will be in significantly high demand. Learn how to apply industry standards using popular deep learning frameworks in your AI apps and leverage your knowledge in the job market.

The AI Application Development program

Building Integrated AI Applications

You can work in AI. Hear Carlos Davila, M.S., a system solution architect, talk about what it takes to get an AI job.


Estimated Cost (You pay only for courses you enroll in): $2,835
Required Credits: 9 units (CEUs and UC credit)
Duration: Takes about 7 months to complete the specialization.


1. Required Course(s): Complete all three.

CEU: 3.0 CEUs
Units: 3.0

01-10-2022 to 03-28-2022

04-14-2022 to 06-16-2022
Units: 3.0

2. Capstone Course: (Optional)

CEU: 2.0 CEUs

3. Completion Review:

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Program Chair


AI Program Chair

BIPIN THOMAS, M.S, is the president of ICURO, a Santa Clara-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems company delivering hardware and software integrated solutions for business growth outcomes. He is an award-winning senior executive with 30 years of experience—from strategy through execution of transformational initiatives at Fortune 500 corporations. Thomas is an expert leading the AI paradigm shift in smart manufacturing (or “industry 4.0”), automotive, retail, and healthcare. As the founding chair of the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension AI Program Advisory Board since 2019, he is spearheading the ongoing expansion of UCSC Silicon Valley AI offerings.

AI Program Advisory Committee

PAUL BALDASSARI, Magister (Australia)
EVP of Strategic Programs and Asset Management at Flex

Head of Tech Mahindra
Instructor, AI-Led Enterprise Transformation: Technologies and Use Cases
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Fellow and Cofounder of™
Instructor, Edge Artificial Intelligence Development Capstone
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

Asst. Professor, Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience: Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognition: Fundamental Theories, The Neuroscience of Consciousness
UC Santa Cruz Psychology Department

Director of Software Engineering at AMD

President of ICURO
Instructor, AI-Led Enterprise Transformation: Technologies and Use Cases
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

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