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STEPHEN HYATT, Ph.D., M.B.A., has worked as an engineer for several major Silicon Valley companies including Seagate Technology, Novellus, Mattson Technology, and Solectron. He has an extensive background in materials engineering and management science, has three engineering-related certificates, and has published numerous academic articles in the fields of engineering and business. He has spent much of the last few years teaching technology at Silicon Valley-based universities. He earned a master’s degree at Northwestern Polytechnic University and enjoys teaching business strategies, the interaction of culture and management styles, application of quantitative methods to business, modeling business processes for productivity and efficiency, business intelligence, analytics and technology. He is passionate about film photography, woodworking, and carpentry.

Stephen O Hyatt's courses currently open for enrollment

Supply Chain Operations Management

Start Date End Date Units Meeting Type Cost
10-28-2021 12-16-2021 3.0 REMOTE $750.00 Enroll